What to wear at the Full Moon Party

How Should I dress to go to the Full Moon Party

Fullmoon Clothing

The weather is hot and humid, and the ideal clothing to wear is beach wear, shorts or bikini are popular. Women wear next to nothing, from bikini's to mini skirts or shorts. But really anything goes for the girls. What is popular is wearing as little as possible to reveal as much skin as possible so they can use the body paint. More on that later. Bright colored tops and bikini bottoms common, even thongs! Some girls would have a bright colored mini skirt on with a bikini.If its ideas you are looking for, put the idea in your head that its a sandy beach and its hot. You may end up in the sea at some stage. For the girls its about being cool and sexy and getting those guys to look. Men mostly wear a pair of shorts and a bright colored T-shirt. Ideal for men is a pair of cargo shorts or shorts with good pockets, too carry your phone and money. Even thought we do mention in this site not to take your phone, but thats your call!

Clothing Shops

You will find shops across the Island and a lot near Thong Sala and Haad Rin selling full moon party clothes. These are bright florescent colored T-shirts, vests, shorts, mini skirts, hats and much more. This is the general fashion of what people wear at the full moon party. Brightly colored clothing. Most the T-shirts, Vests and tops for girls have full moon party written on them, which comes in many different designs. The main reason for investing in these colored clothes is the body paint. The body paint once it gets on material its very very difficult to come out. So if you do go to the full moon party in your best white T-shirt, dont expect to come back with no body paint on it, its impossible.

Body Paint

You will find shops across the Island and a lot near Thong Sala and Haad Rin selling body paint. These are bright florescent colored paints for your skin. Its extremely popular here at all the parties to have a colored design painted on your skin. At the full moon party you will find many artists willing to paint a design on your skin for a few baht. So this is why most girls and men wear clothes that reveal alot of skin. Girls are more popular than men to have designs painted on there skin. Quite often you will see girls with some snazzy design on there face or down there legs. As for the boys, well anything goes. Some cover there-selves in it with no planning, some just write all over there selves.. The body paint once it gets on material its very very difficult to get out, in most cases its not even worth trying to get off your clothes. This is the reason they sell full moon party clothes, so you can throw them away after the party. Going to the full moon party in your best dress or white t-shirt is not a good idea. Most villas and hotels will charge you for getting full moon body paint on any of the towels, linen and even furniture, beware of this. If not too drunk, once you get back to your hotel or villa, shower. Swimming in the sea or a pool is another good way to get it all off your skin. And it does come off very easily from your skin.

Foot Wear, Shoes

Its a beach and its full of people drinking. Through the night, bottles get dropped on the beach and in most cases break. Your lovely bare feet feel great in the sand, but it just takes one step and your night is over. A decent pair of shoes would of saved you a visit to the hospital and your night would have gone on to be a night to remember. Shoes are important, and we suggest at least wear something if you are going to be spending most of the night to the early hours of the morning on the beach. A pair of flipflop or thongs are ok.. But a pair of hard soul trainers are better. The beach is cleaned after the full moon party and is well taken care of leading up to the full moon party. But who knows what people drop on the sand over the night and it can be a small piece of plastic, or any sharp material that could give you serious injury. Suggest where you are going to dance or the place you are going to hang out at on the beach is the place to take off your shoes and then when you move on towards another part of the beach, put your shoes back on.. Maybe with your group of friends make a small pile of shoes so they dont get kicked or lost in the sand.

Other Wearable's