Welcome to your dumb guide to the fullmoon party.

We felt that the following content and information was essential to every new visitor to the full-moon party and Koh Phangan. A general FAQ and guide to the full-moon party build-up and the night its self. We are constantly updating this page and adding new facts and information.

How often is the full moon party?

The full-moon party is on an average of every 30 days when the moon is fully illuminated from the Sun. The party celebrates the full moon.

Dumb : The full moon is the lunar phase on which the moon is fully illuminated from the sun and visible from the earth.

Where is the Fullmoon party

The full-moon party is on a beach called Haad Rin, located on an Island in the Gulf of Thailand called Koh Phangan.

Dumb : Koh Phangan belongs to Thailand and is located just of the coast of Surathani, in the Gulf of Thailand. Thailand is in Asia.

How much does it cost to enter the full-moon party.

The party is basically free, but in 2009, they started charging every person who enters 100 Baht, which is to maintain the beach.

Dumb : You dont need to book tickets, you do not need to reserve. The capacity in unlimited, you will always get in. You dont need to show ID to enter.

What time should i go to the party.

The party starts as early as 3pm, as more and more people arrive to the Island, they hit the beach and the party begins, as dusk falls, the music gets louder and probably the best time for party lovers is anytime after 8pm.

Dumb: You can go to the party anytime. You want to go after dinner, so between 9pm and 10pm is a nice time. 2am seems to be a peak time for the party for the highest number of people.

When does the party finish

The party is known to go on until the next day, as late as midday people are still on the beach partying.

Dumb: Party finishes some time the following day

Do i need to take ID

You do not need to take ID, keep your passports at your accommodation in a safe place, or in the hotel safe!

Dumb: No ID is needed to enter the party

How much money should i take

Money depends on how much you want to spend on drink, some logic is needed here, but we reckon 2000 baht is enough, for food, drinks, taxi back to your resort.

Dumb: Dont take your credit card or a large wallet with your holiday savings or any valuables , 2000 Baht is enough!

Are there police on the beach

Yes police are on the beach, uncover and in uniform, in the center of the beach is a temporary police station

Dumb: Police still patrol everywhere.

What if i need a doctor

In the center of the beach is a temporary clinic, with doctors and nurses for any accidents.

Dumb : Lots of clinics are near the beach.

How do i get back to my hotel/resort

Taxi scouts will grab you when you walk of the beach and up into the village, they will guide you to the taxi that is heading in your direction.

Dumb : Taxis are always available, walk off the beach into the village



Can I take drink into the full-moon party

Yes you can take your own drinks, although its completely unnecessary as Haad Rin Village and beach all have 100’s of bars and mini marts, like 7/11’s and Family Mart.

Dumn : Its an open event and you may take food and drink if you please.


Can i Buy drugs at the full-moon party?

No , Drugs are Illegal in Thailand.

Dumb : No Drugs, Not allowed




Is there Wifi at the full-moon party.

The Haad Rin beach has many bars, restaurants and hotels along it, some of these places will have Wifi signals, but some may require you to be staying in that hotel, or eating in there restaurants.

Dumb : Wifi signals can be found along the beach and in Haad Rin, but most are password protected, either drink or eat at the place you see the name of, most give free wifi.